It is undeniable that 'natural' and 'organic' are two of the most eye-catching keywords today. However, when popular personal care brands espousing these attributes caused severe rashes in her newborn, Jeanie was forced to re-examine the issue from a more scientific viewpoint.


No stranger to nutricosmetic, Jeanie has a double degree in Chemistry and Biology and a Master of Medical Science in Nutrition. Having completed extensive research and applications in nutritional therapy in her decade-long career as a nutritionist, she has also inherited a deep insight and proficiency in the healing power of botanical herbs from her late father, a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) physician, and her late grandfather, a herbalist. Venturing into modern science-backed plant-based solutions was the logical next step in pursuit of nature, safe and effective solution for her family.

Spurred by love and concern for her family, Jeanie extensively researched and handcrafted her own personal care products. The positive response was overwhelming. Family and close friends clamoured for more. Retraining and equipping herself in herbalism, natural remedies, cosmetic science and skincare manufacturing, she formed her own R&D and production team, resulting in the birth of Jeanie Botanicals. At Jeanie Botanicals, we are commited to use 100% pure and natural ingredients. Ensuring only clean ingredients that we would use on ourselves find its way into the formulation.